Vistas of Italy

In late 2014 I decided to travel to Europe to photograph both the natural beauty of Italy and the charm and glamour of Venice, Florence, and many other Italian towns and villages. After researching costs and pulling from past experiences, I came to the realization that I would be stretching my travel budget by a large factor in order to make the dream a reality. I also knew this was a trip I had to make. That is when friends, family, associates, and strangers all pledged their support to me by investing in my Vistas of Italy Kickstarter.

On June 1st I arrived in Europe to spend the entire month of June photographing Italy. With stops spanning across northern Italy, I spent time in Tuscany, Cinque Terre, The Dolomites, Venice, Florence, and Rome to name a few locations. I captured fantastic sunsets on the Mediterranean, spent nights shooting eerie ruins in Umbria, and photographed the majesty of the Dolomites beneath beautiful skies. I participated in seven photo shoots at vineyards set up by my good friends at Quigley Fine Wines, where I met the owners of each the vineyards and was granted access to their private cellars, shown the best areas to photograph, and sampled some of the most delicious vintages in the world. I made new friends from Italy, Canada, Ireland, England, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, and also the United States. I climbed towers, explored Etruscan tombs, and got lost down beautiful dirt roads. It truly was the trip of a lifetime.

All of this would not have been possible without my Kickstarter backers, and to them I want to say thank you once again. You made this trip happen.

As I process and comb through the thousands of images I took in Italy, I will begin putting out New Releases. These Limited Edition prints are for sale and can be viewed and purchased through my online Italy Gallery. In addition, the book Vistas of Italy is also available for sale in the same gallery, with an estimated shipping date of September 2015. However, as successful as the Kickstarter was, I still have some packages available for purchase at the original Kickstarter price, including the personally signed hand stitched leather bound limited edition book. All of these packages can be viewed and purchased online in my Italy Gallery – Vistas of Italy Kickstarter Packages. The Kickstarter packages are fantastic and are a great way to purchase multiple works from the Ted Davis Collection at a fraction of the cost of buying my works separately. In addition, all previously pledged/purchased Kickstarter Packages can be upgraded to a higher level. For instance, if you pledged in the original Kickstarter at the $225 level but decided now you want the limited edition hand stitched leather bound book at the $400 level, please email me – upgrading packages is easily accomplished.

More details on the specifics of the book, including the number of pages and pictures in the book, will be forthcoming as I build the book through the summer of 2015. While mostly a photobook, there will also be a few of my best stories that accompany the specific picture.