About The Photographer

Ted Davis is a nature and travel photographer based in Sarasota, FL . A world traveler from an early age, Ted has been studying the art of photography since his introduction to film cameras and the darkroom in the ’90s. Over the past few years, with exhibits in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toyko, and London, Ted has emerged as a leading voice of young photographers all over the globe. Now, with on-location photography workshops (Vistas Revealed), he teaches the tricks of the trade to his clients — helping to grow their own vision through the lens.

Born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains of beautiful upstate New York, Ted spent the majority of his youth enjoying the outdoors -- hiking, biking and playing sports. During the summer months, it was camping along the shores of Lake George and during the cold snowy winters - skiing throughout the New England Mountains with his older sister leading the way. In 2000 his family relocated to Cape Porpoise, a small fishing hamlet in southern Maine, and mountain hiking was replaced by kayaking, swimming, and the "backshore" - walking between the coastal islands when the tide was out and the mudflats accessible. Cape Porpoise has and will remain one of Ted’s most inspiring locations for photography.

During the time he was attending high school at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, Ted was first introduced to a purer form of photography. Armed with his father's Nikon FG, Ted partook in a photography class offered as part of the art curriculum. Located on the bottom floor of the Academy building, the photography department was complete with its own darkroom, multiple processing areas, and even loaner cameras for students to borrow. Spending hours every week taking shots for assignments, pleasure and just experimentation, Ted ran through rolls and rolls of film chasing something he didn't quite understand. Maybe it was capturing a moment in time, taking something in the world and forever memorializing through the lens...Ted can't even explain his infatuation with photography to this day. Coming to photography so late in his high school career, Ted was already committed to running the Fencing team and Culinary Society as well as playing club squash and varsity soccer -- it wouldn't be until a chance trip to Europe nearly 8 years later that photography would again play such a major role in his life.

While backpacking in Europe during a summer in law school, Ted rediscovered his love and passion for photography in the pastel colors of Cinque Terre, the ancient strongholds of Rome, Munich, and Dubrovnik and the beautiful lavender fields of southern France. Amongst all the history and beauty,Ted vowed when he returned back to the States, he'd continue pursuing photography as much as he could. But with only one year of school left, and a promising legal career in front of him, Ted accepted a position at a firm in New York City, while photography remained a passionate hobby.

Shortly after graduating law school and moving to the city in 2011, Ted received a Canon DSLR as a gift from his parents to help build memories while living in New York. What they didn't foresee was that within 2 years, Ted would take more than 10 trips across the United States from Maine to Hawai'i, all while continuing to work in the legal and banking profession. It was at this point that Ted began to realize his real passion was traveling, photography, and building his own business.

In September of 2013, Ted left New York City and his position at the consulting firm to pursue his dreams. Now operating out of a studio only a few miles from the Gulf Coast in sunny Sarasota, Ted continues to travel extensively in pursuit of those eternal moments that can only be memorialized through the lens. Ted hopes his passion for capturing some of Mother Nature’s most amazing spots, at gorgeous times, will move others to see the true beauty of the world. Whether he is capturing the glorious sunset on a beach in Hawai’i, or the massive strength of a river eating away at a canyon, Ted hopes that his passion will touch each person who sees his photographs.