New York City: New Releases!

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New York City holds a special place in my heart as I lived there for two years in my mid-20s. I wanted images to communicate the epic grandeur that I feel whenever I return for a visit. I hope you enjoy these four captures!

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City That Never Sleeps : Prints Available

Limited Edition of 100

The New York City skyline is iconic in its majesty. It is recognized around the world as the Big Apple, Gotham, and Metropolis. I lived in New York for two years and the name that always stuck with me, my favorite by far, was ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. I recall nights that stretched deep into the pre-dawn darkness and early morning wakeups to catch flights or trains for work. Walking these streets, I was never alone, never without company – and I knew I had to capture that feeling. Finding my location, I spent evening after evening waiting for the perfect conditions. After almost a week, I walked to my spot as the bank of clouds above the city began to break apart; I realized I had my shot of the city. Positioning my camera to capture the perfect panoramic, I finally had my image – The City That Never Sleeps.

New York, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller, NYC, Central Park, East, Long Island, twinkle, Queens, Brooklyn, Hudson, Liberty, Statute

Metropolis : Prints Available

Limited Edition of 100

My favorite spot in NYC to bring visiting friends and family was Top of the Rock. From the top of Rockefeller’s masterpiece, the entirety of New York City spread out before you. To the north stretched majestic Central Park, in the East stood Long Island and the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, and to the west the Hudson gave way to the shores of New York and New Jersey. It is to the south however where the eye is drawn. As the sun began its quick descent on a frigid winter afternoon, I setup my camera – marveling at the scene yet again. The twinkle of the city lights stretching from midtown to the Statute of Liberty and beyond were the perfect accompaniment as the sky began to glow orange, pink, and yellow. New York City had been my home for two years but it wasn’t until this moment that I’d finally captured the beauty of Metropolis.

manhattan, new york, bridge, pylons, brooklyn, snow, sun, east, river

Strength of Manhattan : Prints Available

Limited Edition of 100

The Manhattan Bridge, with its strong steel rising from the sunken pylons, is a symbol of Manhattan. I needed a shot to showcase that strength, to spark the imagination! I envisioned a powerful yet mysterious shot of the Manhattan Bridge, a bridge spanning to the unknown. On one of my last days in New York snow flurries blew in, the first winter storm of the season. As the sun began to rise over Brooklyn, I found my perspective under the bridge to capture my vision. The heavy snows began to fall, obscuring the far shore across the East River, and I had my image.

new york, brooklyn, crossings, east, river, bridge, manhattan, ingenuity, full moon, moon, glow

Brooklyn Corssings : Prints Available

Limited Edition of 100

Spanning the East River are the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges; monolithic testaments to human ingenuity and perseverance. On one of the longest days of the year, with a full moon overhead, I endeavored to capture the iconic scene from the water. The glow of the city lights cast an incredible aura over the scene as captured the two bridges in their winter majesty.